So You Don’t Shave?

I’ve been noticing a lot of memes and posts lately that shame women for not shaving their underarms. I find it downright annoying that we as women are expected to adhere to a standard of beauty that doesn’t appease us all. Marketing ads support shaving 100% with not shaving being considered taboo, undesirable or traits of bad hygiene. Men look at women who don’t shave in a disgusting manner.  They’ve convinced women that a biweekly shaving hassle is considered normal and necessary practice of beauty.  And it’s interesting to observe how women truly feel about the troubles of shaving. For women, not shaving should be a choice that is not attached to shame.


Women began shaving their arms in the Western world is a fairly new fascination. Before 1915 women and men rarely discussed armpits because of how close they were to female breasts. It wasn’t until May of 1915, that upscale magazine Harper’s Bazaar ran an ad featuring a young model in a sleeveless, slip-like dress posing with both arms over her head.

summer dress
Harpers Bazaar May 1915 summer dress ad

This trend has dominated feminine hygiene routine for the past 101 years. Part of me thinks it isn’t going anywhere. Media and propaganda have been influencing minds for quite some time now and the scheme never lessens it only takes on a new form. If they can benefit from our conformity, they will. Yet, another part of me feels that women will begin setting their own individual routines without the interruption of society.

Pros of Shaving

Shaving makes for a beautiful armpit, I can’t lie. The absence of hair for some women makes them most comfortable and they feel clean. Some say that shaving reduces the space for bacteria to thrive. I think that maybe true because bacteria feed off moisture in combination with odor. Plus, if you shave you don’t have to worry about clumps of deodorant sticking to your armpit hair! That is just gross and tough to look at LOL. Supposedly shaving reduces smell yet there’s not enough evidence and research to fully support that idea.

Cons of Shaving

Razor muthafucking bumps!!!! Itching! Redness! Dark spots!!! The list goes on! Shaving, for sensitive skin folks, can be very detrimental to the health of your armpits. These same effects are experienced when shaving the vagina. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs that store harmful bacteria. They can even cause ovarian cysts. #shavingaintworthadeadvagina In addition, it’s so short term that you must do it at least biweekly. For some women, shaving is a weekly process. Women already have to focus on washing and taking care of their hair and shaving is just another addition to the process that makes things more complicated. I can’t tell you how many shaving horror stories I’ve heard from women and even experienced myself.


For or Against?

Yes, I believe that shaving is annoying. But despite the hassle, I enjoy the appearance of a freshly shaved anything. I know this may be the images that have been fed to me throughout my life of how a woman is supposed to look [Because, people just love telling women what they should do with their bodies.] but at this point, if I wear a sleeveless dress or crop top I don’t want a big bush poking out. That’s just my preference. I don’t do it for a man, I do it for my comfort. Yet, I still believe that women shouldn’t be looked at different if they don’t shave. Bottom line, we don’t have to do shit that we don’t want to do!

nene leakes boop



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