Ways to STAY Creative

Surround Yourself With Creatives

We all know that we ARE the company we keep. Therefore, it’s important to not limit yourself. Choose your friends wisely and make sure they all have something going for themselves. If you’ve had the same types of friends for a while, consider meeting new people by joining Facebook groups and chatting to feel out whose vibe you are feeling. Creative people are constantly doing something that challenges what’s already been done. If you have a few in your presence you are more likely to get your creative juices flowing.

Listen to Different Music Genres

FREQUENCY!! Frequency is a spiritual concept related to vibrations. Negative concept based music creates a lower frequency. Positive concept based music creates a lower frequency. Whatever you listen to and consumes become a part of you. Therefore, it is important to tune your ears to different frequencies of music. Also, listening to different sounds and lyrics open your mind to new perspectives. It makes you more aware of various cultures and forms of musical expression. This can aid in creativity because you are able to expand your thinking. TRY IT! This truly works. Here’s a nice artist playlist of artists I put together that you can vibe out to. I’ve been bumpin Childish Gambino’s “Awaken, My Love!” heavily as well as H.E.R., a female r&b artist who has only shown her silhouette, not her face. Great music and mystery!  If you like this album, you’ll love it’s inspiration, Maggot Brain by Funkadelic!

awaken my love
“Awaken, My Love!” album cover (Donald Glover)
H.E.R. VOL. 1

Attend Events for Various Types of Creatives

Festivals. Museums. Concerts. Retreats. Workshops. Panel Discussions. Parties. Mixers. Pop-up Shops. There are places you can go to literally find creativity. If you stay stuck in the house, in your own world, it may not happen as fast as you want it to. Search through Eventbrite, check instagram hashtags in your city, and ask around to find local events. You got to get up, get out and get something! Don’t let the days of your life pass you by! 🎶#salutegoodiemob

goodie mob
Goodie Mob – pitchfork.com

Listen to Podcasts of Like-Minded Folk

I absolutely love podcasts! It’s the new wave and an easy way to get authentic and complex content without having to watch tv or a computer all day. I like listening to The Friend Zone podcast with HeyFranHey, Assante and Dustin because they keep me on my toes with my mental health and wellness so I don’t have a musty brain! LOL #thefriendzone One day I’d actually like to be a featured guest on their show! #speakitintoexistence

the friend zone
photo cred: Loud Speakers Network (LSN)

Ask Questions About Why Things Are the Way They Are

With questions comes…answers. Question your reality daily. Think about why things are the way they are. Think about why some things never change. This will allow you to dig deeper into your creative pool. Unlock what your left and right brain is doing in there! It may even be great to take the left or right brain test. Challenging your brain brings about changes in creativity.

Watch Movies/TV with Complex Characters and Thick Plots

I’ve recently been watching a show on HBO called West World that discusses a dual reality where the elite have created an amusement park based on Western times. The plot is so twisted and deep that you have to pay attention to every detail. I love watching shows like that because it challenges my psyche and keeps me on my toes. I call it my “mental living room” where I’m learning/chilling in the living room at the same damn time. Start watching shows like this to entertain yourself and open your mind. Also, I watch lots of documentaries about different issues. I was just watching one on Netflix about Goldman Sachs. I watched another called Thirteenth, directed by Ava Duvernay, that chronicles the oppressive pipeline to prison experienced by black people in America. These documentaries keep me “woke” as they would say.

photo cred: HBO

Read a Variety of Literature

Whether it’s a news article, the shade room, a sci-fi novel, a self-help how-to-get-rich-before-you-die, health and nutrition, romance novel; reading is fundamental! Read what suits you but don’t limit yourself to only reading what you normally enjoy. Expand your literacy and you’ll find that it expands your way of viewing the world. All of the knowledge is in the books. Trust me, I’m taking my own advice. My friend just let me borrow this sci-fi fantasy book called Zodiac by Romona Russell. I’m eager to finish it!

book cover cred: Romina Russell

Be easy and create!




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