Body Shaming

America has a big honking problem with fat women,” says Nikki Padula, a Brooklyn-based fat queer femme blogger who writes The Ample. “Even women with the utmost privilege, women who have the most permission from society at large to take up space are constantly told that they’re still taking up too much space.”

-Excerpt from “Why America Hates Fat Women, the Feminist Take” | Shape Magazine


Who are you to ask her to wear something else because of her size? Who told you that you were the spokesperson for what looks right on a woman’s body? Who made you God? Who gave you the credentials to criticize a woman who realizes her body does not equate what’s in her mind? Who allowed you to go around giving your empty opinion on the curve in her hips, the dips in her dimples, the shadows in her crevices? Who are you and who gave you power? I know who you are. An uninformed, ignorant being who has yet to reach the potential that the divine seeks you to achieve. So before you bash her and shame her for what she wears and how she looks, take a deep look at yourself and what you may be lacking.

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Women have to be happy with who they are in any shape or form they may be in. Many women have issues with their body SIMPLY because of what media is CONSTANTLY pushing. Media creates an unrealistic fantasy of what reality is supposed to be. As a result of media influence, women are trying to mask their inner feelings of inadequacy with painting an image of perfection. In 2017, the idea of peace is not centered in perfection; it’s centered in knowing that the being you already are, is and always will be, ENOUGH.

Women and men body shame. It’s not just a male form of degredation. Jessamyn Stanley, a yoga teacher and writer of Durham, NC stated in Essence magazine that,


“We live in an ego-driven and body-obsessed society. I think my perspective would be more “normal” if human beings could look beyond the physical. Body shaming is the result of low self-esteem and a bad self-image. It’s weak and pathetic. People who engage in body shaming are merely showcasing their own bad self-image to the rest of the world.”


I’d take it a step further and say that people who engage in body shaming are showcasing their lack of depth and their surface-level awareness. They haven’t come to understand people beyond their physical attributes and as a result of that, block the humanity that they have yet to comprehend. Therefore, they don’t just body shame others, they look at their worth in superficial terms. As within, so without. They have no true knowledge of self beyond physical, everything they put out their has no substance. It also goes to show that they have been bamboozled into believing the world’s illusion of idealsย like beauty, money, wealth, privilege and superiority. What aching souls they have. We should pray for their awakening.


I’m not saying you have to think everyone you see is beautiful; that’s not realistic. But to shame someone for how they look is unacceptable. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, complexions and forms. It is important to look at beauty in a more humanistic way before you judge. If you don’t like the body you’re in, change it. If your health is declining, fix it; heal yourself. But to go around feeling sorry for yourself because of your size just won’t cut it. Know that your worth is far greater than the mere flesh your soul resides in. You come from infinite light and love. Your soul, your spirit, is always reminding you to look inward to understand who you truly are. Therefore, live inside out. And the love you have for yourself will transfer to what you put in your body and how you use and treat your body. Your love will flow. ย Self-love is the best love, and you know this man!!!

Be easy and love the skin you’re in.

QueenSayWhatIFeel ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿพโ€๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿพ


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