Microwave Success

Wake up. Check your Instagram. Check your Facebook. Check people’s snaps. Glance at the ever-depressing news as if it would make you feel anything but disconsolate. Take in enough of that artificial light to jar you out of your comfortable bed sheets and into the moving and shaking world. Start your day with a never-ending list of things to do! You’ve tuned in to the hustle and submitted to the grind. As your day continues, you are constantly reminded that you aren’t doing enough because you are not in the place where you want to be. That’s where you are wrong.

Things that once took a long time, are now done in lightening speed. If you were born before or in the early to mid 90s, you remember dial up internet. AOL chat rooms. House phones that you had to pay extra for long distance. You remember pencil sharpeners that you had to manually rotate the handle in order to create that fine, clean point (that you were damn proud of, I might add!) you remember mapquest that you had to read to get to your location long before gps became a thing. You remember riding lawn mowers which provided a full work out from all the pushing and pulling. You remember Saturdaymorning cartoons that you had to wait all week long to watch because they didn’t come on throughout the week. You remember turning the antennae to the right spot just so the tv channel would be clear without static.You remember you had to work for things. Things took time. 

Technology and life, in general, has advanced to make things much easier and efficient for us. But it’s had a nasty effect simultaneously. We’ve become so accustomed to everything happening within a snap that we’ve forgotten where we come from. We’ve forgotten the time and alignment it takes to nurture an idea, complete a process or get shit done. This microwave generation is the times that kids now and our future kids will grow into. iPads and techie gadgets are normalized.  Which isn’t a bad thing. But it does become a serious issue when people have forgotten the value of putting in time and appreciating the necessity of longer processes. 

Despite the fact that internet and social media works fast, success doesn’t. Well, if you have aspirations of being a short bus rapper or instagram baddie your come up may be overnight-esque. Even still, you have to have the work ethic of a mogul to build that buzz. Your ass and titts can rival the works of the Kardashians plastic surgeon but if you don’t put in work to get yourself seen, it’s all for nothing. I’m saying all this to say, you must build from the ground up; in whatever profession you’re in. It’s easy to get caught up in the illusions of social media success heightened by likes, shares and comments. But who told you that was real success. If those accolades aren’t translating to dollars or world change then you aren’t doing anything but taking up storage on someone’s timeline. Building from the ground up insures that you don’t feel entitled. It’s easy to feel like the world owes you something when social media tells you that a faux persona is valuable stock. Don’t believe the hype. Quick fame is not sustainable and you’ll find yourself like a neighborhood feign, searching for your next quick high. 

No ones too good for the struggle. I went into my profession thinking that just because I thought I was good and qualified I didn’t have to deal with the inevitable struggles of a novice teacher. It’s easy to allow yourself to be swindled by these times that make success seem so effortless being that the majority of people only show the highlights, not the lowlights. Showing the imperfections and lowlights are taboo in a microwave generation with a short attention span. We only want to see the fabricated lie. The photoshopped image. This can be detrimental for up and coming young professionals. Because of their unlimited access to social media yet narrow focus on talent and skill set they will be sent out into the world of wolves. This scares me for young minorities. Trumps presidency has uplifted a veal amongst our eyes as to how much injustice runs our world. I could only imagine how our youth who view success in such diluted terms will be able to navigate in this world. I see young parents raising a generation with no regard to what’s really going on and no thirst for knowledge. It’s frightening to think of the microwave generation in the new era that is upon us. 

It is so easy to get caught up into the trend of microwave success. This is the age of fame. Much different from other eras where virtues other than popularity were celebrated such as intellect and service. Our society is fixated on the idea of having everyone looking at you for how you appear as much more desired than what you actually do. If you’re a creative, your social media following is even looked at as a part of your resume. Very interesting times, ehh? Not only is popularity valuable in the eyes of most millennials but microwave success is projected often enough to make us all doubt our process. Life, divine order, destiny and purpose all connect to a certain alignment. Certain events in your life are ordained to happen in order for your soul to reach authentic empowerment. Focusing on timestables of when your success should happen is great for goal setting; however, becoming obsessive over it can stunt your growth. If you’re constantly seeing your peers reach increased levels of success in a small amount of time, the lower part of yourself will question what you are doing wrong. That doubt is so unnecessary. I’m learning that doubt only slows down your process even more. Questioning the alignment of your life takes your focus off of the moment you’re in an fastfowards you to the future that you ultimately can’t control. I’m learning that being in this microwave generation, soul protection is important. You must watch what you take in as you don’t want to internalize the wrong things. Especially, when it comes to the necessary hiccups, achievements and happenings in your journey.

I will not to succumb to the microwave generation.  I want time to be on my side and I want to use time to my advantage. In understanding the value of time I will use it wisely. I will also realize that some things take time to grow. Like a seed from the Earth and a fetus in a womb. All growth takes time.

Be easy and trust the process.


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