Get to Know the Queen

Welcome to the Conversation

I AM Taesian.  I’m a young African-American woman living in the South navigating my way through life in a time of cultural highs and judicial system lows. I am in the age of information where I can google just about anything and find the who what when where and hows of the situation.  I am a spiritual being constantly seeking guidance from our ancestors and forces of nature. I am an educator carrying the burden of reaching  our young people preoccupied with a distracting and mind-programming social media influence. I am a lover in a society where being single and cutting people off prevails. I am all these things and more and I am here for the CONVERSATION.

The purpose of my blog is to use my personal experiences to evoke meaningful and paradigm shifting conversations. I do not wish to sound like or be the expert because I can always gain insight from others’ perspectives. This blog will be a place of comfort and discomfort. I want you to feel welcomed but I also want to question the origin of your most deepest thoughts and challenge your beliefs. I’m a firm believer that no real change happens until a person changes his or her mindset. So the goal is to have a constant ever-evolving mindset that will ultimately be beneficial to ourselves and society.

The blog will not always be “well-written” or thoroughly planned. Sometimes I’m just gonna “SAY IT” however it comes out. We should all aim to be direct with our viewpoints but still consider all sides before forming a judgement on a situation. There’ll be regular article like blogs and then free-form “shorts” where I just say what’s on my mind at the time. I will be discussing spiritual growth, social media advantages and disadvantages, popular culture, music, holistic health, literature, current events and whatever the hell I feel like needs to be discussed! LOL! The point is to have the conversation.

Posing Conversations that INCITE Action.

Be easy.

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